15 Foods for Chinese New Year

15 Foods for Chinese New Year Party

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Chinese New Year festive always celebrated by people of Chinese descent. They always celebrate by gathering together with their beloved family members. The Chinese New Year celebration is inseparable from the tradition of distributing hong bao (Chinese red envelope) and food-eating events. These dishes is not arbitrary. All dishes should be considered to bring good luck.

Every country has different foods that during Chinese New Year. This is happen because original Chinese food mixing with local culture. I give you 15 food lists that I normally eat with my family during Chinese New Year.


15 Foods for Chinese New Year

Appetizer For Chinese New Year Party

Dumpling or Jiǎozi

Dumpling for Chinese New Year

There is a belief that the more dumplings you eat, the more fortune you will get. The reason is because the form of dumpling resembles an ingot, a form of payment instrument that was once used in China.

Dumpling is a type of snack generally consists of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough skin. Dumpling can be processed and presented in various ways depending on the material, shape, and how to process it.

People usually eat dumplings with vinegar and soy sauce. Eating dumplings with big family while celebrating Chinese New Year is believed to bring glory.

Chun Juan or Spring Rolls

Spring Roll for Chinese New Year

Chun Juan or spring rolls symbolize a gold bar. So the meaning is the bearer of wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

Main Course For Chinese New Year Party


Jai for Chinese New Year

Jai is a vegetable soup with more than 16 vegetables in it. This one food is also known as a symbol of joy and eaten on the first day of Chinese New Year to bring good luck. Learn how to make Jai from Lee and Low blog.

Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng for Chinese New Year

Yusheng or yee sang is a Chinese dish in the form of fresh fish salad plus slices of fresh vegetables such as radishes and carrots. When stirred with sauce, fish and vegetables must be raised high above the plate. The higher the yusheng is lifted, the better luck is believed in the new year.

Longevity Noodle

Noodle for Chinese New Year

Many Chinese people believe that long noodles are one of the fortune foods that symbolizes a long life. So if you eat it, you really have to tip, don’t bite it in the middle.


Fish for Chinese New Year

The fish served must also be complete from head to tail. In Chinese New Year, fish is a good food, because it symbolizes the abundance of sustenance and can avoid bad things. In Indonesia, Chinese people in Java Indonesia usually choose milkfish.


Pork for Chinese New Year

Dishes from pork are also present in Chinese New Year party that will be eaten by families. This actually has a special meaning, as already known that pig is lazy animal. So, people who eat pork when Chinese New Year won’t be lazy.

Chicken or Duck

Chicken for Chinese New Year

Chicken or duck becomes a symbol of air which means loyalty and obedience. So chicken or whole duck dishes are always present during Chinese New Year. These whole chickens and ducks in the hope that the family who eat that will always be a happy family.

Tea Leaf Eggs

Tea Leaf Egg for Chinese New Year

Tea Leaf Eggs may sound strange to hear, but this egg tea that can give stamina and tastes good! The eggs are boiled until half cooked, then the shell is cracked so that the tea that has been combined with soy sauce, cinnamon and black pepper also seeps into the egg. Tidak hanya kecap asin, teh juga digabung dengan kayu manis serta lada hitam. The smell is fragrant with a distinctive salty flavor. This egg tea symbolizes fertility.

Get the recipe how to make Tea Leaf Eggs from All Recipes.

Dessert For Chinese New Year Party

Jau Gok

Jau Gok for Chinese New Year

This cookie is a fried sweet cake containing peanuts, sugar, dried coconut and sesame seeds. Jau Gok is evocative of the gold ingots that the Chinese used for centuries as money. Here is the recipe from The Hongkong Cookery.

Fa Gao

Fa Gao for Chinese New Year

Fa Gao is a steamed rising cake. Chinese people believe that the more petals grow, the more prosperous your life will be. Fa Gao usually has red color which is the color during Chinese New Year celebrations. This cake also called prosperity Chinese cake which is healthy and extremely easy to make at home.

Learn how to make Fa Gao from Egg Wans Food Odyssey blog.

The Tray of Togetherness

The Tray of Togetherness for Chinese New Year

The Tray of Togetherness is a box consisting of 6-8. The contents of the tray must mean prosperity, togetherness, luck, and happiness. There are fruits, vegetables, nuts and small sweets in that box.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao for Chinese New Year

This sweet and chewy cake is made from rice flour, sugar and honey. To enjoy it,  you can bit it directly or cut it into thin parts and dip into eggs to fry.

Sesame Seed Balls

Sesame Seed Ball for Chinese New Year

These are tasty balls of glutinous rice flour that are filled with red bean paste, rolled in sesame seeds, and fried. While sesame seed balls are available at Asian bakeries throughout the year, they are especially popular during the Chinese New Year season.

Sesame Seed Balls recipe from Epic Curious.


Oranges for Chinese New Year

Oranges are available during Chinese New Year’s Eve. However, we never serve oranges with a number of four or multiples thereof. Because the number four is a bad number.


The Chinese atmosphere will be more festive with the presence of Chinese greeting cards and hong bao. Find a beautiful collection of Chinese New Year greeting cards and Chinese red envelope below.

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15 Common Foods for Chinese New Year Party Celebration
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15 Common Foods for Chinese New Year Party Celebration
Every country has different foods that are served during Chinese New Year. I give you 15 food lists that are normally eaten with my family during Imlek.
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